Seamist's Amethyst of Hawkwind
CH Seamist's Amethyst of Hawkwind
Photo By: David Gredzens

Amethyst was imported from Texas from long time show breeders, Anne & Archie Peil. Born during an eclipse in early 2000, she is a full blooded girl from the lines I choose to breed into for genetic strength, soundness, and temperament.  She is to solidify the gains made in other Hawkwind breedings, although I may keep a pure line from her due to her exceptionally sweet temperament.  It's truly what I believe the breed was thousands of years ago.

Shown only rarely, her first points were a Best of Breed over group placers and specialty winners.  She matured into a stunning girl, and as an adult picked up a second major easily, and then a 3rd to finish her AKC Championship. She only needed a single point that last weekend, but it was a BIG grass ring and this girl can MOVE!

Amethyst is voted most likely to charm your heart away.  A mere 45 lbs., she can curl up in the smallest lap, and make you feel like the most special person in the world. She is extremely cuddly.

Among her favorite pastimes is watching TV, particularly cartoons and animal shows.

She exhibits a primitiveness that is endlessly intriguing.  Most people find her absolutely irresistible. If my dogs ever had to fend for themselves (which will NEVER happen!), Amethyst is the most likely to survive in the wild.

From a breeding perspective, she also has beautiful hips, and exhibits genetic strength for several structural assets. She also has perfect 'timing' in her gait. So do her daughters, Jade & Onyx, out of CH Wolf River's Raptor Ridge. But it's her charm and temperament that rises to the forefront when you meet her.

One of her favorite pastimes is watching television, shown here down in the puppy room. She has favorite shows, such as animal shows, and certain sporting events. Nascar and horse racing, top that list. The top vote for cartoons is some Frankenstein mummy character she adores. Her favorite movie is Iron Will, but she enjoys Snow Dogs as well. She is visibly disturbed by shows like ER where people are upset and particularly any surgery scene. She will often leave the room. 

The day Amethyst became a Champion.

We took 3 of her 4 children to the 2003 national. Each garnered a placement, and Amethyst herself took 3rd in a Brood Bitch class of some of the top producers in the breed today.

In 2004 her daughter, Jade, made it into the final 7 left in the ring for Best of Breed. Jade has an Award of Merit, and was bred to CH Wolf River's Chelestina Warrior.

In 2005, on the merits of her children's championships, agility and working efforts, and nice show wins, Amethyst was awarded 3rd Top Brood Bitch by the Samoyed Club of America. While many Top Brood/Stud awards are accomplished on sheer numbers of get, Amethyst did this with FOUR kids.

Amethyst's favorite pastime is hunting. With solid Wolf River breeding, Seamist has produced the essence of the breed as it existed in antiquity.  Hawkwind is honored to have her grace our home.  You'll most likely find her curled in a favorite chair studying you, or in the backyard hunting some unfortunate animal or bug!

Among her children:

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Amethyst's Pedigree